At first glance, Burma or Myanmar seems like a mix of two very different worlds, the two sub-continents, China and India. As a Burmese writer said, it is probably where China meets India. Nevertheless, the country is a real mosaic of ethnic groups, with languages and cultures far a part. Considered by some as the house of Buddha, it is yet a place where people of very different faiths live together.


Bordered by nearly 2000km of coastline, it has a great potential for tourism with beautiful beaches, most of them still undeveloped and to be discovered. The military junta, that closed the country since the 60’s, has understood that. Myanmar opens up to the world again and the Burmese are so happy to welcome and meet the visitors.


This country is still out of time, to be discovered quickly.

Excursions that make Solidarasia journey special. Combine them and create your own tour (minimum 7 days)

In the streets of Rangoon

While most of travel companies don't like to stay in "downtown" Rangoon, we propose a different journey in the former capital of Myanmar. We stay in the historical downtown neighborhood, so alive and at the same time so peaceful, visit...

From 90 EUR

1 day

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Another view of Bagan

Visit this magnificent archaeological site, out of the crowds, at the best time of the day. We have chosen for you a small and charming hotel with a friendly welcome. You will also have the opportunity to stroll through some...

From 180 EUR

2 days

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Inle lake and the Pa-O mountains

Step out a bit from the Inle Lake region, already so full of tourists, and go to the mountains, to meet the Pa-O ethnic group. The Pa-O were at war against the Rangoon government. For 20 years, they have chosen...

From 330 EUR

4 days

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