Michel and Dominique

February 2018 in Laos / November 2022 in Cambodia

France- January 2023

This travel in Cambodia was our second experience of solidarity through tourism.


Our first trip was in Laos in November 2012. We stayed there for 15 days and we regret it as it was really too short. So, for Cambodia, without hesitation, we left for three weeks.


What we find exceptional in these travels is the authenticity and the richness of the exchanges with all the people met. They have little thus give a lot! Then, there is this immersion in the inhabitant life, which gives us to think of our Western way of life.   What beautiful encounters!!!  


Our guide, M. Proeun, proposed us to share a recipe of our region with the weaver’s family of Prek Jong Kran village. We, coming from Brittany in France, made pancakes of course. There were no chicken eggs, but no problem, we used duck eggs. And what a night !!!!! Finishing in music and with musical games, these are simple moments, but what an happiness!  


These are trips really like no others.