Project description

For many years, Osmose association has helped communities living in floating villages of the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia.

They participate in the education of the young generation with environmental classes. They promote a community-based tourism by creating a communal restaurant and organizing tours to visit the bird sanctuary and the floating villages. They help villagers to produce and commercialize water Hyacinth furniture…

In February 2009, Osmose launched a waste management project: they built floating barges to collect the waste in the villages of Prek Toal and Kanteil Perk. Bins for families welcoming visitor overnight in the village were purchased. More equipment for ecotourism was bought: water filters, mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets, pillows…

Solidarasia present Osmose in their tours since 2006. We made the project proposal and asked our agent in France, the association for solidarity and tourism Vision du Monde, that participated in the project with 1000 EUR.

  • Contribution of the beneficiaries

    500 EUR

  • Total budget of the project

    1500 EUR

  • Solidarity funds

    1000 EUR

  • Origins of the fundings

    The french association for tourism and solidarity "Vision du Monde" (

  • Beginning

    Feb 2009

  • Completion

    Feb 2009


Contribution of the beneficiaries
  • 500 EUR
  • All labor work
Contribution of the tourism for solidarity
  •  1000 EUR


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