Project description

Hai Duong province is located east of Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. It’s a major town on the first highway linking Hanoi and the first deepwater port of Haiphong. The province is helped for a long time by the French city of Montreuil.


For about ten years, many foreign companies have settled in the province to benefit from the highway, the proximity to the capital and the harbor.

In 2011, Mr. Tran Ngoc Bich, deputy director of Hai Duong-Montreuil cooperation center, and Miss Chantal Auger, a French teacher sent by the city of Montreuil, wanted to benefit from the Fund of tourism and solidarity.


Aware of the next development of the city with foreign investors, they wanted to improve the conditions for learning and teaching of French and English language in five high schools of the province. With $ 2,195, they were able to buy learning materials: books, comics, magazines, dictionaries, audio-visual equipment, 4 laptops and 5 CD players.

  • Contribution of the beneficiaries

  • Total budget of the project

    2195 $

  • Solidarity funds

    2195 $

  • Origins of the fundings

  • Beginning

    November 2011

  • Completion

    November 2011


Contribution of the beneficiaries


Contribution of tourism for solidarity
  • 2195 $


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