Project description

Pavie village is located in the mountains of Oudomsay province, in the north of Laos. It is a small community of 35 families, all of K'mou ethnicity.


In 2014, the villagers decided to gradually improve their fountains. The project consisted in building hard enclosures and rooftop for each fountain. Previously, the village lift community work to build bamboo fences. These fences had to be replaced after every rainy season, bamboo being rotted by water.


In the recent years, development of both local market and economy of the village families no longer enable to lift this community work as easily as before. The villagers work more, to make money. They are busier than before. They plant vegetables in the dry season for the Chinese market.


For these reasons, the villagers decided to build permanent walls around the fountains. This project is partly funded by the communal funds, gathered with each traveller visiting the village with Solidarasia ($ 5 per traveller). The first phase of this project has improved 1 fountain. It was a success and the village decided to continue with 3 other fountains. A request was made to the association for solidarity and tourism “Vision du Monde” that gave 900 EUR. Two travelers of Solidarasia donated 200 EUR for the project. The total budget for four fountains was 1360 EUR.

  • Contribution of the beneficiaries

    360 EUR

  • Total budget of the project

    1460 EUR

  • Solidarity funds

    1100 EUR

  • Origins of the fundings

    The association "Vision du Monde" ( with an additional donation of 2 travelers

  • Beginning

    January 2015

  • Completion

    May 2015


Contribution of the beneficiaries
  • 360 EUR
  • All labor work
  • rooftop building
Contribution of the tourism for solidarity
  • 900 EUR from the french association for tourism and solidarity "Vision du Monde"
  • 200 EUR donation from 2 travelers 


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