Project description

Sop Oun village is a small community of 93 families (as in 2009), living close to the small town of Nong Kiaw, on the opposite bank of the Nam Ou river, in the province of Luang Prabang, north of Laos. This is an area very appreciated by the tourists for the beauty of the landscape as well probably for its relative proximity to Luang Prabang.

Its elementary school has 5 classes of teaching and receives the kids from 3 other neighboring villages, when they enter the 2nd class of elementary. In 2009, the school director and teachers were seeking for funds to improve conditions of work and study. They wanted to connect the school to the electricity grid.

With electricity, at night, the school would be able to provide tutoring classes, evening classes for adults (literacy), and English classes. It would be less hot in the day with the use of fans. Also, they wanted to buy cabinets to store the books offered by the association "Big Brother Mouse," in order to properly keep the books and create a reading room.

The french associations for solidarity through tourism, Vision du Monde and La Route des Sens, responded to the requests and grant funding of 1100EUR each, or 2200 EUR in total, beginning of 2010. The village and the school participates in the project with 120EUR, equivalent to 5% of the total budget.

  • Contribution of the beneficiaries

    120 EUR

  • Total budget of the project

    2320 EUR

  • Solidarity funds

    2200 EUR

  • Origins of the fundings

    The two French associations for solidarity and tourism "Vision du Monde" and "La Route des Sens", in equal (1100 EUR)

  • Beginning

    November 2009

  • Completion

    February 2010


Contribution of the beneficiaries
  • 120 EUR
  • All the work labor
Contribution of the tourism for solidarity
  • 2200 EUR


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