Solidarasia has worked with various shooting teams, making contacts, finding the best places to shoot, arranging the authorization of shooting, and doing the translations during interviews.


Solidarasia allows the media to be as close to reality as possible, enabling them to discover special sites and gain confidence of the people.

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Guillaume Juherian, documentary film director, co-founder of 109 films, says:


“Discovery, adventure and passion animate the team of 109 Films. Their goal is to share with viewers images and sounds, and what surprised them worldwide.

Robert Rozine and Solidarasia allowed them to access novel places in exceptional conditions.”



“Pêcheurs de bois au Laos”, one of 109 films documentaries in Asia. Shot in Laos in 2004.


Documentary film director Yann Rineau,  says:


“… In the way of a travel story, artists Noé Two and Yann Rineau take us to the heart of urban Thailand. Through this journey, Noé Two wants to confront his art and his origins, to other codes, other traditions, other cultures...


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…. The explorer artist goes to meet the other, in search of human encounters and discovery of emblematic places.


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… Robert Rozine and Solidarasia allowed us to make this trip easier, translating interviews and providing access to the most beautiful places in Bangkok.”



The trailer of “Thailand Graffiti Trip” by Yann Rineau. Shot in Bangkok in 2013.