Annick and Guy

March 2023 in Vietnam

France, April 2023

Back from Vietnam, alas, alas …. Back from a 3 weeks journey, an unforgettable stay…

We probably did not see everything, but we were totally immersed where we were. We had many previous contacts with Solidarasia, before leaving, many proposals from them. It’s essential to be in tune with the way you travel.

On spot no false note, always precisely what we like: the neighborhoods where live “the real people”, sometimes at the hotel, sometimes by the people homes. Popular restaurants, with different dishes every time, with no fear of eating raw vegetables or other and enjoying, refreshing ourselves with delicious fruit juice (Oh the passion fruit juice).

And the scooter rides well seated behind experienced drivers, the boat trips on Ba Be lake, on the Perfume River, and many others, pagodas, temples, markets perfumed by coriander, the kindness and the patience of the Vietnamese people we met.

We were also lucky, we always had a wonderful weather and we finished the trip on Halong Bay: the sunrise over Halong Bay, the last gift of this beautiful country.