Jacques, Odile, Philippe, Anne-Marie, Jacques and Bernadette

October 2019 in Laos

France, January 2020

Robert was helping throughout the preparation of our trip and customized our project to be as close to our wishes. We wanted to be in contact with the locals, to live their daily lives, to know their way and their places of living.

From all the moments of sharing and the emotions that have permeated our memory, we remember in particular:
 The warm welcome of the villagers of Sen Mgun (Loma ethnic group) at the last stage of our ascent, before arriving at their village. Then the evening meal, made of wild goat and the songs that animated it.

A game of petanque shared with the team of high school teachers at Km 17 was a convivial moment, washed down with rice wine (rice diluted in water with baker’s yeast). The Laotians are very good at this sport, they proved it to us! (0-13 and 3-13).

The fire canoes festical in Luang Prabang, celebrating the end of Buddhist Lent, a magical moment!

Using all ingredients of the surrounding nature to make meals (diverse plants and herbs), and bamboo for the dishes.

Picnics on the Mekong or the Nam Ou River beaches, prepared by the pilot of the boat, served in banana leaves.

The essential ritual of two small glasses of rice alcohol during each new meeting with Laotians (At the end of the day, it made a good amount …!)

The kindness, the calm of the Laotians, the luxuriant nature, the majesty of the Mekong seduced us.

Our guide, Mr Vangly, by his knowledge, his availability, largely contributed to the success of this trip.