Project description

In November 2015, Tha Pene village, in the province of Luang Prabang in northern Laos, inaugurated the second building of the clinic.

Construction cost 6400 Euros. The villagers built this building. French association AROM (Association Rhône O'Mékong).

provided 75% of the budget. The village funded the rest.

In spring 2016, the medical team of the health center expressed its wish to buy more medical equipments. AROM association wanted to continue the partnership with the village. They chose to give 1200EUR, after receiving a list sent by Solidarasia, to buy the following medical devices:

- two beds with mattresses covered with a waterproof coating.
- a cabinet to store medicines
- a sink
- a scale to measure the weight and size
- a digital blood pressure monitor
- a set for small surgery with 12 instruments
- a stainless steal table on wheels for vaccination
- equipment for gynecological consultation
- two serum feet
- a stainless steel tray to lay the instruments
- a thermometer

The sink, the cabinet, the two beds and mattresses were made locally. Solidarasia bought the rest of the equipments in Vientiane, sent it to the village and did the accounting. These equipments were bought in a store of the Laotian capital, specialized in selling medical equipment. It was delivered to the village of Tha Pene in May 2016, with Ms Seng, doctor and head of the clinic, Mr. Noi and Mr Tai, respectively head and deputy head of the village and Robert Rozine for Solidarasia.



  • Contribution of the beneficiaries

  • Total budget of the project

    1200 EUR

  • Solidarity funds

    1200 EUR

  • Origins of the fundings

    The french association AROM (Association Rhône O 'Mékong).

  • Beginning

    May 2016

  • Completion

    Mai 2016


Contribution of the tourism for solidarity

  • 1200 EUR


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